Some time ago I was impressed to read an interview with the CEO of Korean Air
His statements were their top executives have begun, working for exemple on ramp loading and unloading bags
Malaysia Airlines, together with its majority shareholder Khazanah, carry an erratic course from their unfortunate accidents.
The appointment as the new CEO Christoph Mueller, is a mistake.
Mueller CEO of Air Lingus has not been able to improve the situation of this Irish company.
The trajectory of Mr. Mueller from a professional point of view and the results of Aer Lingus can not serve as the right person for running the Asian company.
Are constants, quiet and perserverantes people, who win the race lifelong
The men faced with pebbles, never over mountains
The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have
In the case of Mr. Mueller, must be judged by what he has done in Air Lingus

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