The Entrepreneurs
When one reaches a certain age, one acquires, without wanting to, a certain licence to express what one feels, either by word of mouth or the written word.
During my lifetime, I have known a number of entrepreneurs and business people in both the tourism and aviation industries. Some have reached the peak of their professional careers with deserved success.
I am humbly addressing these words to the new generation of entrepreneurs: those who are just beginning; our society needs them.
I would recommend that they all read the poem “Invictus” and not pay much attention to the gurus and coaches of Human Resources.
In spite of what one usually hears, it is untrue that success follows failure. Normally this is not the case; more failures can occur and after the failures nobody has the grace to forget or forgive them.
Your past stays with you forever.
Every time you fail, continue to pick yourself up. Nobody will be beside you to help you get up. You will get your self up. Never mind whether your head is bleeding or you fall 500 times, getting back up is the most important thing.
Do not expect the forgiveness of those that have accompanied you in your companies and have seen you fall. The average employee will not forgive you, neither the university student or engineer. They will be incapable of accepting that you create companies and jobs and he has not done this in spite of his years at university.
Continue the battle and keep getting up each day to fulfill your dreams and try to see with your heart rather than with your eyes. This will never fail.
Unsurprisingly but without resentment, you will be able to see how something you have created has become 30 years old and everyone is unjustifiably celebrating the occasion, when you were part of those 30 years in a proportion of 5. To clarify this point: they celebrate 30 but forget that 5 of those years, you, together with other people of incalculable value, are ignored. They subtract 5 years of your life without any guilt; it is not important for me to continue, but above all do not forget to get up once again.
Somebody told me the other day that during a celebration at a large Spanish aviation company, their current Managing Director carried out a monologue with two chairs, to the satisfaction of the audience. Do not forget that when you undertake something, along the way you will come across clowns, speculators, and other types of shark. Do not fall in to the trap of thinking that nothing has been worthwhile; you should just get up once again.
After your falls, some will say or comment during forums “he must be helped to restore his good name!” This is false – nobody will want to play with someone who is on the ground – they risk getting their hands dirty. They do not understand that when a man is on the ground, not only should he be helped to get up but also supported.
Do not forget that life is a mere theatre with actors, some good but the majority mediocre.

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