I get bored almost all comments in the social networks
Linkedin amazed me by the amount of posts the gurus coach and lidership masters
Looking for as many likes as possible accounting for thousands
How is it possible that thousands of people give their like to charlatans
They Speak about lidership and when you investigate many of them have never created a single company
Although great teachers continue to insist that leaders become leaders because they are formed to become so is totally wrong
The leader is born, lives among us, our groups of friends have a leader our community of neighbors has a leader
When all these teachers of the lidership show me in their majority what has been their contribution to the business world then I will be in a possition to believe them. But today there are more masters of lidership (sic) than leaders
That shows that our society is sick, that the departments of human resources do not work
And are unable to find leaders
Because to be a leader first you have to be a good person
I know many entrepreneurs who have made themselves and they are true leaders
The leader is one who is able to start a company with only a pice of paper and a pencil
The others except exceptions are no more than utopianists
Life is very short, to pay attention to the maesters who teach you how to be come a lider mainly because, life is too short for loosing the time and instead death is very long

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