no one,  only yourself especially when failure becomes part of your life, or you are broke
when you are a child, your dreams accumulate day by day
How many things will I do? you ask yourself
dreaming is what allows you to go to bed every night, waiting for tomorrow
I will continue to dream tomorrow
I can say that what I dreamed as a child became a reality
dream, young friend, face life, always with a smile
do not stop smiling or dreaming
because life is as a poet said “long as the stick of a chicken  hen house, but full of shit”
do not be discouraged, dream and when you want to turn dreams into reality you must fight for them
dreams do not come true without struggle, work, love, passion, patience
share your dreams with others, you will be able to summon them to join your dream to be part of that dream
be honest with them, choose the best
choose those who know or are more prepared than you
treat them as part of your dream with affection honesty
trust them to make your dream bigger and make it a reality
those humans who join your project, need freedom, need passion make them feel that they are your dream team, because they truly are
you need human beings who are great people, they just need your support to become great professionals
you may be a great dreamer and entrepreneur if you do not support your own peers you will never reach your goal

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