only seven months have elapsed
The aeronautical consultancy Twenty Air and Wing tips
We are very proud of the reception in the market
In this time we have managed to recapitalize an airline
incorporate a wide body and convince the airline that its future was also in the long haul
We have assisted some airlines in small jobs such as market analysis
we only have to humbly thank all our clients, we are not like the Air Partners consultancy, which I personally admire and recommend
we are just a team between millennials and seniors
without each one of them all this would not have been possible
We are backed by 30 years of experience
I personally  thank you for your great work of my team  without them I would not have gotten it
thanks also to Linkedin, a fundamental application for us
Finally thanks to all those who are dedicated to air transport to their daily effort they have made aviation today a global industry
Thank you

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