The PIGS countries are what we theoretically call the countries in the north of Europe. These countries – with their political attitudes – are bringing Spain to the brink of a civil confrontation.

Nowadays my country is in the hands of perpetrators of coups, with the rest of Europe just looking on.

For these perpetrator to be protected by Belgian authorities is an execrable situation. To admit a legal procedure against a Spanish judge is instilling unstableness in my country but of course the judges in the northern countries have an impeccable image; shame on them.

I believe general elections are required in order for my country to be able to democratically choose a democratic government; rather than have a President who has come to power without an election, just like the old dictator, Franco.

I am of the opinion that it is essential we cut our ties with all those countries that are PIGS in my point of view. Europe is full of PIGS and they are proving it. It hardly surprising to me that the United Kingdom is abandoning Europe.

The closing of the Spanish Consulates in these countries is crucial.
Only the necessary rules, and few of them, are needed from Europe. Many ask what will happen to the incompetent politicians living in Brussels – send them home!

Faced with problems of this enormity, I have always said that, if in doubt, the hardest line of action should be the one taken.

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