The cruel fight, for the short and medium radio in Europe, has left some winners as is the case of Ryanair, which if analyzed without passion is for the moment the winner of this aerial battle. There are other companies that are in the fight but in different conditions, like the case of Easyjet, Vueling, Wizz Air, Norwegian.
Others have preferred the long distance, or long radius, in a flight to safer, but uncertain, markets in theory. The fight will be fierce as it has been during these years in the short with few winners and many losers. Is there a lesson to be learned? But this does not seem to be the case we are going to change geographic scenery and we have started a fight that nobody is sure of winning.
We moved to “Dorado”, Ameríca, both north and south.
With prices for soils when we all know they are unsustainable, however LLLC, we want to do.
Norwegian has so many fronts open, that at least on a personal level I do not know where to fly.
Some late night will tell me that one does not understand the business that is now thing of the millennials, the Millennium generation.
In short say what they say the business has not changed people have changed, costs will be cut to the detriment of the end customer, well it is possible I in the long radio I have my doubts.
Meanwhile in Suramerica, they try to imitate the American model, like Southwest, or the European like Ryanair. Copa launches its low-cost line, Mexico Volaris, or VivaColombia and thus a large number of players where in the end there will be only a few. They must go through this phase as we have in Europe.
We all know the winners and in some Spanish speaking countries they should put their batteries if they do not want to miss the train of opportunity or be drowned by cruel competition.
I hope that those who lead all these airlines remember the phrase of “Marco Tulio Cicero:” The life of the dead endures in the memory of the living. “Although in aviation I have not seen that its managers use it when they disappear or Dying to the airlines that were around him some time ago.

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