Copa Airlines, with its low cost Wingo, are intent on having the monopoly of Hispano-America at all costs.
I read with curious interest the statements made by Mr. Pedro Hellbron, who manages the airline and cannot help but be amused by his complete arrogance concerning the building of the second terminal at Tocumen airport being just for Copa – let’s not have one that wants all the airlines!
Copa is a company that deserves respect, as they all do, whether it is Volaris, Avianca, Viva Colombia, Tam, Gol, or Air Panama i.e. all the operators of that continent. Mr. Hellbron as head of Copa wants everything but everything in life is not possible.
It is worth high-lighting the feeder concept and its impressive hub in Tocumen, linking Hispano-America and the United States.
Copa reminds me of the ’80s with Iberia cutting the distances. They were the owners of everything and everyone in the Spanish private sector had to face not only the inconveniences, the affronts and a long way round until common sense prevailed and things changed from fierce confrontation to “co-operation is better than confrontation”.
I do not think that Copa’s management currently posseses that common sense; to the contrary – its cruel and ferocious fight against anything that annoys or gets in its way is simply swept under the carpet.
They are mistaken at Copa as it is better to co-operate than to confront airlines that are inconveniencing them or in direct competition. In my opinion one should avoid upsetting the competition; that in some cases operates in secondary and tertiary airports. It is unbelievable how the arrogance of the monopoly wants competition eliminated, even when it is not direct.
Copa has my respect but not my understanding. I do not understand elimination policies but the creation of wealth for a continent like yours which many players are helping to create. If you eliminate the players the game is finished and they also end up turning in to clowns for what they are fighting for.
European operators in the search of El Dorado have an obsession with Copa, so they can operate in a feeder role and do not realise this airline will give them the seats they want on each flight. The big European operators are putting themselves in the hands of a company like Copa that can help them grow in the search of El Dorado or simply limit growth.
European operators should reflect on this issue and look for alternatives which exist and with their help, are achievable or they can grow in a more natural way.
To me personally if I were a director of a European airline I would not be happy to be in the hands on my long distance flights of a company that exercises a monopoly and destroys whatever stands in their way in Hispano-America or Europe.

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